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Redefining Early Learning in India!

Amigos is delighted to introduce its first-ever innovative playschool, drawing inspiration from Denmark’s Børnehuset Løvbakken.
This collaboration brings together the expertise of Amigos PlaySchool in early childhood education with Denmark’s renowned curriculum and educational philosophy.

Introducing Denmark’s Educational Excellence to India: The Fusion of Expertise

While embracing Denmark’s educational excellence, Amigos Playschool ensures the seamless integration of these methodologies into the Indian cultural and educational context. This fusion retains the essence of local values, traditions, and familial involvement in the learning process.

The fusion of Denmark Education with Amigos Playschool marks a transformative era, enriching educational experiences and nurturing future-ready global citizens. Together, we embark on a journey that upholds excellence while honouring the cultural tapestry of India’s educational heritage.

Our Study Approaches

Embracing Play-based Learning

Embrace Denmark’s renowned play-based learning approach that prioritizes exploration, creativity, and child-led discovery.

Experience Based learning

Experience-based learning for playschool kids centers around the philosophy that children learn best through hands-on engagement and direct interaction with their environment.

Focus on Social and Emotional Development

To create a nurturing environment inspired
by the Danish concept of “hygge,” promoting emotional well-being and a sense of belonging among children.

Outdoor Learning and Nature Connection

Introduce seasonal festivities and nature related celebrations, honouring seasonal changes through educational activities.

Building Strong Community Bonds

Establish connections with local communities, incorporating elements of Indian culture while embracing Denmark’s inclusive approach to diverse backgrounds.

Encouraging Independence and Critical Thinking

Foster independence and decision-making skills by giving children autonomy over their learning journeys, encouraging curiosity and critical thinking.

Our Innovative Learning Spaces

Cooking Zone

Gardening Zone

Play Zone

Embodying Global Best Practices

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Amigos Playschool is committed to integrating the UN sustainability goals into its curriculum and practices. Through tailored educational programs, the playschool fosters awareness of environmental conservation, teaching children about recycling, reducing waste, and caring for nature through hands-on activities.

Why Choose Amigos PlaySchool?

  • Strong Brand Presence
  • Community Integration
  • Innovative Curriculum
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Passion for Education
  • Business Growth Opportunities

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With our franchise, you can pioneer an un precedented educational experience, fostering holistic learning and global competence that sets a new standard in Indian Education.

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