Black or White

The entire class looked on as the two boys kept yelling at each other. Everyone had forgotten what the fight was about or who started it. All anyone could see was each of them screaming about how he was right and the other one was wrong. Stubborn as they were, both refused to back down and kept on shouting at one another.

Finally, their teacher arrived. He asked the students what the commotion was all about. When he got to know the whole story, he decided to teach the boys a lesson.

He asked each one of them to go to opposite corners of the classroom. Next, he asked two the boys to close their eyes. When he asked them to open their eyes after a short while, they saw that a table stood in the middle of the classroom and that there was an object on the table.

One by one, the teacher asked the two boys what color was the object. The first boy replied, ‘Black’. And the other boy said, ‘White’. Hearing each other’s answers, each boy looked at the other puzzled and surprised.

The teacher finally turned the object on the table the other way around. The boys could see now that the side of the object that was facing away from them earlier was of the opposite color.

The boys finally realized their mistake. They had been unable to see the other’s point of view. The lesson they had now learnt was that it was important in any situation to consider the other person’s perspective as well.