The diseases connected to smoking are a big problem. Doctors think that the annual medical cost for lung cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses connected to smoking is between 12 and 35 million pounds.

And smoking costs society money in other ways. Between 27 and 61 billion pounds are spent each year on sick days when people don’t go to work, on wages that you don’t get when you don’t go to work, and on work lost at the company when you are sick.

This money counts the wages from people who die of cancer at young age and stop paying taxes. This does not count fire started by cigarettes, which kill fifteen hundred people yearly and injure another four thousand. Smoking costs every man, woman arid child in the UK from one hundred and ten to two hundred and fifty pounds each year in the lost work and wages. When you add another fifty to one hundred and fifty pounds yearly in insurance cost, that comes to one hundred and sixty to four hundred and ten pounds. If everyone stopped smoking, a family of four could have up to one thousand six hundred and forty pounds a year more.

Smoking will also cause other problems. People who don’t smoke will live longer, and so they will take money from the government when they are old. But they will also work for more years and pay more taxes.

In the end, the value of a non-smoking nation is not in pounds. The good health of the people is the true value for us all.