The Greedy Man

There once was a very greedy man who sold everything he owned and bought a brick of gold. He buried the gold brick behind a hut that was across the road from his shabby old house. Every day, the greedy man went across the road and dug up his gold brick to look at it.

After a while, a workman noticed the greedy man going across the road every day, and decided to follow him. The next day, the greedy man dug down for his gold brick, but the hole was empty. He pulled at his hair, and cried out in sorrow. “My beautiful gold brick!” he wept.

A neighbor came running, and asked the greedy man what had happened. When the greedy man told him, the neighbor just shrugged his shoulders. “Why be so sad?” said the neighbor. Just go get a rock and put it in that hole, and pretend that it is gold. It will do you as much good as the gold did.”

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