The Honest Smuggler

Nasruddin the smuggler was leading a donkey that had bundles of straw on its back. An experienced border inspector spotted Nasruddin coming to his border.

“Halt,” the inspector said. “What is your business here?”

“I am an honest smuggler!” replied Nasruddin.

“Oh, really?” said the inspector. “Well, let me search those straw bundles. If I find something in them, you are required to pay a border fee!”

“Do as you wish,” Nasruddin replied, “but you will not find anything in those bundles.”

The inspector intensively searched and took apart the bundles, but could not find a single thing in them. He turned to Nasruddin and said, “I suppose you have managed to get one by me today. You may pass the border.”

Nasruddin crossed the border with his donkey while the annoyed inspector looked on. And then the very next day, Nasruddin once again came to the border with a straw-carrying donkey. The inspector saw Nasruddin coming and thought, “I’ll get him for sure this time.”

He checked the bundles of straw again, and then searched through Nasruddin’s clothing, and even went through the donkey’s harness. But once again he came up empty handed and had to let Nasruddin pass.

This same pattern continued every day for several years, and every day Nasruddin wore more and more extravagant clothing and jewelry that indicated he was getting wealthier. Eventually, the inspector retired from his longtime job, but even in retirement he still wondered about the man with the straw-carrying donkey.

“I should have checked that donkey’s mouth more extensively,” he thought to himself. “Or maybe he hid something in the donkey’s rectum.”

Then one day he spotted Nasruddin’s face in a crowd. “Hey,” the inspector said, “I know you! You are that man who came to my border every day for all those years with a donkey carrying straw. Please, sir, I must talk to you.”

Nasruddin came towards him and the inspector continued talking. “My friend, I always wondered what you were smuggling past my border every day. Just between you and me, you must tell me. I must know. What in the world were you smuggling for all those years? I must know!”

Nasruddin simply replied, “donkeys.”

Word Power:

  1. Smuggler (noun) – someone who takes goods or people into or out of a country illegally
  2. Straw (noun) – dried stalks of grain, used especially as fodder or as material for thatching, packing, or weaving
  3. Intensive (adjective) – concentrated on a single subject or into a short time
  4. Annoyed (verb) – slightly angry; irritated
  5. Harness (noun) – a set of straps and fittings by which a horse or other draught animal is fastened to a cart, plough, etc. and is controlled by its driver
  6. Empty-handed (adjective) – having failed to obtain or achieve what one wanted
  7. Pattern (noun) – a repeated behavior
  8. Extravagant (adjective) – exceeding what is reasonable or appropriate; excessive or elaborate.
  9. Eventually (adverb) – in the end or finally
  10. Extensively (adverb) – to a large or detailed degree
  11. Rectum (noun) – The last several inches of the large intestine closest to the anus.