The Kingly Lion

The animals of the field and forest had a Lion as their King. When anyone had a problem, he took it to the Lion King, and the Lion King helped to solve it. When anyone had an argument, they took it to the Lion King, and he helped to settle it. The Lion King never made demands that were in his own interest. He wanted only what was best for each and every animal.

Day after day, the Lion King thought about nothing but the animals who were his subjects. Then he sat down and wrote out a Royal Order. He called all the animals to come before him. He stood on a hilltop and watched the animals come together from far and near. He waited for them to settle.

“Hear ye, hear ye!” the Lion began, in his deep and rumbling voice. “I have written out my orders for a new way of doing things that will be better for all. From this day forward, the Wolf and the Lamb shall agree to live in peace. The Panther and the Goat shall live in peace. The Tiger and the Deer, and the Dog and the Rabbit— all shall live together in perfect peace and harmony.

The Rabbit said, “Oh, how I have longed to see this day, in which the weak shall take their place without fear, by the side of the strong.” And after the Rabbit said this, he ran for his life.