The Traveler

A man who had traveled far and wide came home to his small village. He gathered the villagers together to tell them of all the wonderful things he had done in all the places he had visited.

In Russia, he had cut bricks of ice and built a palace. In China, he had flown the best dragon kite anyone had ever seen. In Africa, he had chased a lion. In Australia, he had jumped farther than the kangaroos. He had jumped farther than any man alive.

The villagers listened with interest at first, and then began to smile. They turned to walk away, but the traveler said that there were many people in Australia who had seen his jump. They would be happy to be his witnesses.

One of the villagers turned back to the traveler. “My good man,” he said, “You need no witnesses. Just pretend this is Australia, and show us.”

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