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About Us

Amigos was initiated after a brainstorming session among members from different corporate and mutual friends with similar interests.  Amigos consist of a team with strong experience in Training, Teaching and Expertise in Technology. With our diversified qualities and expertise we are creating a niche in the market of Quality Education. When you choose our programs for kids, your child will grow in confidence. Learning with Amigos isn’t just about better communication; it’s about unlocking your child’s potential, helping them improve their life skills and getting them future-ready.

Our courses have been designed in the way children learn by interacting, talking, and working with others, your child will learn in an enjoyable, social and natural way. Our virtual lessons include live sessions with the trainers and self-study activities to be completed online before and after each live session. We offer a virtual classroom experience that has proven to be effective in our Training Centres across the country.

Our training is based on friendship, respect, communication and mutual help. We give children the tool to unlock their potential and motivate to learn on their own by building self-confidence.

Amigos Engages Inspires and Transform’s children to empower with the desire to achieve more

  • Ensure the students are ready for the future
  • Make logical and informed decision about their tomorrow.
  • Provide meaningful and productive activities.
  • Create leadership skills and holistic vision by building a confident independent society.
  • Impart the basic value of the life, love, justice and a life of gratitude in the younger generation.
  • Form intellectually competent professionally skilled individuals.
  • Create a strong minded individual.

Complex concepts become simpler through better-structured learning approaches that focus on a strong understanding of the fundamentals. Boost confidence and self-motivation with improved emotional intelligence. Supportive and encouraging environments help build vital personality traits through a better understanding of emotional intelligence. Become more socially interactive and a better team player. Improved collaboration and socialising through frequent participation in team activities, and exposure to meeting new children of the same age. Make better decisions with improved critical thinking. Approaching decision making through critical thinking and relying on fact-driven reasoning to help understand all outcomes more clearly. Communicate and articulate thoughts more effectively. Improved communication skills to help articulate thoughts more clearly in pick and speak, conversations, debates, and questioning.